The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Železný Brod, The Czech Republic


The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Zelezny Brod was founded in 1920 as a connection with the new republic efforts to support and develop the traditional industry. It is the first Bohemian Glass School whose aim is to educate glass professionals. Nowadays the studies take four years and are concluded by the school – leaving exam.

Students obtain their education in two fields: Glass arts treatment and Glass technology

The High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Zelezny Brod takes a hare in cardinal manner of unique international education system of glass schools in the Czech Republic. Although it is specially oriented institution, which prepares completely artists, workshop masters and technologies into practise, the graduates assert as a teachers, managers, businessmen as well. Students, who learned during four years how to understand glass, think about glass characteristics, work and represent it and have considerably success in attending not only Art universities. Thorough teaching glass technology take basically specializes chemical fields in demand.

The High School in Zelezny Brod has made its generally respected reputation especially on teachers‘ personalities from the very beginning until these days. To the school history belong the most distinctive generation of artists, who become members of school recently. Enthusiasm, dynamics and new ideas of young artists, who lead each studio, follow dignifiedly their more famous colleagues and predecessors and fundamentally form the knowledge of contemporary appearance and lead up the school. Every year the school familiarize with students´ works at school competitions including the school presentation in New York last year are without parallel. School is developed also in other point of view: the school building from half of the 20th centuries was waited to see exacting changes until the end of 20th century. There was new studios built and modern annex, which is architectonically estimated, was grown with modern gymnasium, laboratories with the high quality equipment and a lecture hall.

Specific atmosphere and the pedagogical staffs´ best results express interest in study at the High School of Applied Arts for Glassmaking in Zelezny Brod from foreign countries and it gives the school European measurement.

Milan Hlaveš, Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague


Glass cutting belongs to classical techniques of the glass refining. The students work with plastic decoration or rehash whole shape by means of grinding wheels. Utility cut glass, various objects and glass sculptures are created here. The loving of tradition craft together with new art rules progress makes current face of the department.

Glass painting and sandblasting. The shapes of glass objects essentially belong to modern housing culture. For that reason it is logically put stress on contemporary art forms in this department. The main mean of expression has been colour. Different accesses to glass painting connect joint efforts at bright idea and clearness of expression.

Glass jewelery department follows contemporary fashion trends up and develop new technologies and materials. A wide selection of traditional techniques of glass, metal and other materials‘ processing and their combinations allow students to design and realize original products, which are exhibited at local and foreign exhibitions. We cooperate with glass jewellery companies and with costumers at team projects. An essential part of the tuition is also melted glass sculpture which are realized in range of sizes from glass jewellery stones up to medium author’s realizations. Students are highly efficiently prepared for further studies at university.

Glass engraving has been an ancient technology from the very beginning of glass matter, which is closely connected with life and creative person secrecy. It is internal intervention in internal substance. Work focus is relief. Light and shade shape engraving with charm and persuasive power of expression of initial drawing. The substance, which gives competence and sense for other being, is the tradition and craft independence.

Glass figurines and decorative technical glass department is looking for a new art and craft expressions. Each term has given diverse themes on figurine interpretation as a sculpture, a story, kinetic subjects, countryside, a relief or an applied shape. This department has evenly divided the claim of shape, colour and stability raised from colour sculpture level since its start.

Off-hand shaped hot glass department is the primary glass branch. It deals with fundamental crafts methods, glass processing and shaping „in hot“ next to glass furnace. Students are educated in high-quality design, to perceive specificity of the material and by their interest in this branch to keeps handicrafts proficiency of Bohemian glass workers.

Product designing department is the youngest one founded in 2009. It reflects the students need in processing other materials. It focuses on paper, wood, glass, plastics, fabrics and metals. Students are able to visualize their designs in 3D software and print it in 3D printer. The department keeps track with contemporary design trends.



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